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Migratory birds hunting

Guided migratory birds hunting (Spring and fall hunt)

  • Snow Geese
  • Canada Geese
  • Ducks

Over the past twenty-five years, the expansion of the snow goose migration corridor and the growth of the Canada goose population in the Center-du-Québec region have made it one of the main fall migratory stopovers. in Quebec.

Due to its geographical location and the amount of game found each fall, the Bois-Francs region has become a destination of choice for waterfowl. Private hunting sites with exclusive hunting rights are located around the Réservoir Beaudet in the municipality of Victoriaville. A second private site acting as a migratory bird sanctuary, the Lac le Mirage Aquatic Center, is also used to offer the best hunting areas in Center-du-Québec.

These bodies of water, with areas of approximately 1.5 and 0.8 square km, have become, since the first days of autumn, popular resting places for geese, ducks and Greater Snow Geese in full migration. The proximity of water bodies that host at these times herds estimated at more than 180,000 birds and cultivated fields that provide the necessary food for the prolonged stopping of populations in migration are the elements responsible for our excellent success rates. Whether in the field, camouflaged in low-profile or "pit-blind" caches, in a lake in a fording cache or in a "tomb" cache on the ground-leveling devices, everything will be implemented to meet the highest standards of hunting quality in this area.

The canine team, our faithful partners for the recovery of slaughtered birds, is composed of very well trained, dedicated Labrador who will offer you an unforgettable "retriever" performance.

Introduced a few years ago, the spring hunt of the snow goose is a major challenge and remains an excellent opportunity to perfect this knowledge of this game more and more educated. Exclusively practiced in agricultural areas, the activity takes place in April and May, on the Côte de Beaupré in the municipality of Châteauricher.

Group of hunters by the end of the day, a good hunt at Migratory Bird in the Victoriaville area!

Available packages:

1) LAKE PACKAGE (full day) including:

  • Group of 2 to 5 hunters / 3 caches or "pit-blind"
  • Guide services for the day
  • Game's recovery
  • Complete equipment (decoys, electronic calls, etc.)

2) FIELD PACKAGE (half day) including:

  • Group of 5 maximum hunters / individual caches (tombs), "Frames" caches with benches or pit blind caches
  • Guide services for the day (until 11:30)
  • Complete equipment (decoys, electronic calls, etc.)
  • Game’s recovery
  • Transport to the hunting site on ATV (on request)
  • An exclusive territory

3) COMBO PACKAGE: FIELD AND LAKE (full day) including:

  • Group of 5 hunters maximum
  • Guide services for the day
  • Lunch
  • Complete equipment (decoys, electronic calls, etc.)
  • Game’s recovery
  • Transport to the hunting site on ATV (on request)
  • Exclusive territories

4) SPRING SNOW GOOSE HUNTING (half day) including:

  • 6 hunters maximum / 4 differents blind for 2 hunters.
  • Service of a guide for the day (from 8 to 10 hours of hunting according to the tide of the day.)
  • Complete equipment (decoys, electronic calls, etc.)
  • Game’s recovery
  • Transport to the hunting site on ATV (when ground conditions allow)
  • Exclusive territory

Some details….

  • Guides (1 per group) are with you for the duration of the hunt
  • Hunters wishing to use their precious canine companions services are welcome
  • Transport to sites (field) is made by ATV if requested and if field conditions permit
  • For lake or combo package (field and lake), game’s recovery is made by the guide with a boat or with his dog
  • Packages with accommodation available on request
  • Possibility of pairing for incomplete groups: less than 4
  • Evisceration area for your game is also available on request
  • White camouflage "cover up" clothing’s are provided when necessary
Lili the labrador hunting geese during a hunting day of migratory birds in the region of Victoriaville


Lunch, if included in the package, is taken at a relay retaurant in Victoriaville. A full menu is welcome and allows hunters to properly prepare for the afternoon ahead. For packages that not include meals, a food court is available to hunters.

Another good day of migratory birds hunting in the Victoriaville area