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Our equipment & services

Here is a summary of the supplemental services offered in different packages, and equipment’s description used to carry them out:

Vehicles of Destination Le Mirage Outfitter

  • Booking service for hotel / motel, inn or cottage for waterfowl, deer and snowmobile packages;
  • Constant monitoring of hunting territories;
  • Procedures management related to enrollment on various drawings (Whitetail Deer, Atlantic Salmon);
  • Arrangement and transportation logistics;
  • Game or fishes management;
  • Welcome and customers management upon arrival;
  • Availability, at any time and on request, of a tour guide (under certain fees);
  • Equipment sales;
  • Ability to communicate at all times with the outfitter (cell phones work throughout the territory);
  • GPS territories configuration and mapping (under certain fees).
Canoe to transport customers on the Bonaventure River in the Gaspé salmon fishing

Our equipment:

  • Double towers with ladders and safety harnesses;
  • Fixed covers (4 'x 8');
  • Mobile Cover-Tent, and on post;
  • Vans (2) GMC Sierra 1500 4X4 5 and 6 passengers as well as a 7-seater Caravan to transport clients to hunting sites;
  • Three all-terrain vehicles (ATVs);
  • Trailers (9) of different sizes;
  • 16’ Niteram Special Edition boat with 50HP four-stroke engine. (For waterfowl recovery and lake fishing);
  • Three 24’ river canoes with motor (for salmon fishing on the Bonaventure River);
  • Electronic call for waterfowl hunting: Pierre Dupuis ‘Jazzooies' (5) (2007 and 2008)
  • Land decoys for waterfowl hunting: 3D Big Foot (approx. 480 units.), G & H shells (approx. 246 units), Mojo Rotoduck (6 units), Hard core pro series (42), Sillosock flapper (24), Deadly Decoys windsock (500) and Vortex (5), Avery GHG TnT 5/8 (180);
  • 2 dug "blinds pits" 16 'x 5.5' x 4.5 ' on 2 sites for up to 5 hunters + guide;
  • 29 Covers "tombs" type: "Power Hunter, Finisher, Remington (Cassels)";
  • 12 "Expedite Edge" covers
  • 29 exclusive sub-leased private land, totaling 4,300 acres in zones 6 and 7 north south (whitetail deer hunting);
  • Access to 44 agricultural land for waterfowl hunting with 2 located on the Côte de Beaupré.
Applant bird during a migratory birds hunting
This field is used for hunting migratory birds
The "graves" are used for hunting migratory birds