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Client's comments

Comments from our satisfied customers

Brouard David and his group, Fall 2014, October 2014

“Hello Martin I just wanted to take a moment to show you the great pleasure that we had Friday, October 3 with your guide Anthony Labrecque.

It will soon be three years since we hunt with him as a guide. I have the chance to see him grow as a guide and especially on the call of the game. He motivated to reach many sailboats shot which allowed us very little time to do our Canada geese quotas for 6 hunters and three Snow geese. What was remarkable during this day is the attention to detail and do not be afraid to change the implementation of callers to foster an approach to a maximum of birds. The only thing left is to write next year we'll be there all Anthony October 3, 2015. ”

— David Brouard
Photo of satisfied customers David Brouard

Marc-Etienne Joli in the company of Louis-François Marcotte, hunting snow geese Fall 2014, October 2014

“I'm taking 5 minutes to thank you for the hunt we did it a week ago.

I hope this helped you relax from your crazy schedule, although we were quite poor shooters :-p.”

— Marc-Étienne Joli
Photo of satisfied customers Marc-Étienne Joli
Photo of satisfied customers Marc-Étienne Joli

Georges Malenfant hunting group for Snow Geese in 2014 fall hunting season, October 2014

“hank you Martin, we had a fantastic day and a beautiful two days of hunting. The guys are very happy.”

— Georges Malenfant
Photo of satisfied customers Georges Malenfant
Photo of satisfied customers Georges Malenfant

Andrew Giffin, Painter and Salmon fisherman, New Brunswick, 2010 season, 2010

“Hello Mister Fish. I have meant to send a note to you to say thank you for such a wonderful day that i had on the Bonaventure back in June. It was a real eye opener for me and I cannot wait until my next visit your way. I will be coming back most likely next spring to fish and try to establish some more connections in your area. I had some trouble with my camera after I returned. I fell into the river at home here and it was a little scary because of the height I was at and the overhanging trees and so on that I could easily gotten tangled into. Nevertheless. I was able to retieve my pictures from the card and the camers seems to be once again working. For how long is anyones guess though. I have included a few shots that I took while you were dry fly fishing at the bottom of St. Clair Pool, I think? These may find themselves become paintings before too long. Hope all is well with you and that you have had a successful summer on the river. I bid you a successful hunting season as well. Keep in touch. I hope to see you next season. Hang onto my green t shirt if you still have it, the one i almost forgot down by the river then left in your truck. Not much luck with the clothing while I was up there. See you.”

— Andrew Giffin
Photo of satisfied customers Andrew Giffin